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UL Library Systems, Applications and Online Services: Library Catalogue

A guide on how to access and utilise UL Library Systems, Applications and electronic resources

Using the Library Catalogue

A Library Catalogue lists all acquired books, reports, print journals, audio visual resources and many other resources in the library; it also gives you all the information you require to locate and use those resources.

Note: for accessing electronic resources such as full-text articles and books please consider using the library All Resources Search instead . 


How to access the catalogue:


  • Open any internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firebox, Google Chrome)
  • Go to the University of Limpopo website (
  • Click on Library at the top links
  • Click on Library Catalogue on the left hand side links


How to Search:

You can search for items using either of the following options:

  • Keyword – general topic / words searches e.g. drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Title - title of a book, report, or any information source e.g. Long Walk to Freedom
  • Author - The surname of the writer, e.g. Bapela, M
  • Subject – subject headings used for the information source, e.g. History


Note: before searching, make sure you select the collection which you will be able to access – e.g. Turfloop



Reading the search results:


  • Location - which level or collection is the item is situated in?






Turfloop Main Reserve

All subjects excluding law materials


Turfloop Africana Reserve

African Literature & Theses and Dissertations 


Turfloop Main Open Stack



Turfloop Law Reserve



Turfloop Audio-Visual reference

Audio-Visual Materials


Turfloop Government  Documents

Government Documents Materials


Turfloop Main Open Stack

Sciences, Health & Agriculture


Turfloop Management Open Stack

Economics & Management Sciences




  • Shelf/Call numbers: what is the shelf address of the item?

May consist of all or some of the following fields:

- Prefix – a letter before the number, indicates that the item is part of a Reserved / Special / Reference collection. Prefixes:

  1. T – Thesis
  2. R – Reference
  3. G – Government Documents
  4. A – Africana
  5. AV – Audio – visual
  6. Subject class number,
  7. Suffix – first three letters of authors surname / book title (if it’s a compiled/edited book)
  8. Number of available copies 


Subject class number,

The Library uses a standard called Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC) to arrange books on similar subjects together on the various levels and shelves provided by the library. Each subject falls under one of the main 10 classes displayed below, and is assigned an appropriate class number.

          (DMU, 2020)


Item status: What is currently happening with the title? 


Available for borrowing / use

DUE 25/01/2017

Loaned out and will be returned on the stated date.


lost item due for replacement.

Ask for assistance

Item has been ordered but not yet received by the library.


Item removed from the shelves.

Hold shelf

Item held (for collection) by someone who requested it.


For more detailed instructions please see the Library catalogue tutorial below